Domo-kun, ‘Regular’ and ‘Rasta’

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domo-kun dancing
Domo-kun [どーもくん on Wiki] is the coolest thing the Internet has discovered in years, a brown monster who is the official mascot of NHK, Japan’s public broadcasting system. And of curse, the 3Yen’s sponsor J-List and Domo-kun go together like peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, or sushi and wasabi (or better yet like peanut butter and wasabi).

Domo-kun USB flash drive - normal Domokun Mimobot USB 2.0 Flash Drive ~ Normal
If you want a flash drive with style, look no further! This fun flash drive from mimobot, comes to you ready for use at a moment’s notice. This sleek design features Domo-kun with an easy pop open cover to protect your USB connector, all the while still remaining cute for all the girls to swoon over.
Actually I sort of prefer the weirdo version, the so-called Domokun ~ “Rasta” Domo-kun USB flash drive Rasta, which you see below with the funky multicolor reggae tam that serves as its USB connector cover.

Both the “Regular and “Rasta” flash drives measure approximately 2 inches tall and is both Windows and Mac compatible. As a special welcome to all of you not in Japan, this USB 2.0 flash drive comes pre-loaded with exclusive Domo-kun content such as domo videos, screensavers, wallpapers and more. The “Normal” version comes in a 1 G-byte, 2 G-byte, or 4 G-byte sizes—Buy Domo-kun now!
Domo-kun USB flash drive

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3 thoughts on “Domo-kun, ‘Regular’ and ‘Rasta’”

  1. I assume those non-standard ears on Domo-kun are some form of styling/branding by Mimco Corporation since many of their other flash drive characters such as their Star Wars series also have those teddybear-like ears.

    According to the goddess Wiki, who knows all, the official mimobot back story is that the ears exixst because the mimobots are “creatures.” —
    mimobots are happy, memory-loving creatures who hail from the planet Blõôh in galaxy 4210 where a massive memory-loss epidemic is spreading. To find a cure they have enlisted the help of humans by creating mimobots clones and “flashporting” (transporting) these clones to Earth on a memory recovery mission. In a symbiosis of sorts, humans using mimobot clones to store personal data on the clone’s internal flash memory, send vital “memergy” back to Blõôh. With the help of RALF computer, this memory transfer is the mimobot’s only hope to help cure their collective amnesia and save them from the dreadful fate that lay before them.

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