Japanese YULEel tree

Japanese Inventor powers Christmas tree with eel
Gadgets – MSNBC.com Dec. 13, 2007
…Two aluminum panels inside the eel’s tank work as electrodes to catch its power. Cables attached to the panels supply the lights on the nearby tree with electricity....more…

Click for video.

Christmas tree powered by electric eel

eel in aquarium powering Christmas treeHmmm, at first I had a bit of trouble understanding why this electric eel would keep wasting energy shocking the water in its aquarium tank. It turns out that electric eels have two different types of electric charges-–strong shocks to kill and a low trickle charge used for “vision” in murky water as well as communication. With the new low power LED Christmas lights, the electric eel’s flickering trickle charge can produce a pleasant blinking light effect at the Aqua Toto Gifu Aquarium. Read more in Wikipedia.

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