A whale of a Christmas

A whale of a Christmas

Every Christmastime, Hakkeijima Sea Paradise aquarium in Yokohama puts on a big Christmas show. Besides their Christmas penguin dance performance, the aquarium’s “White Beluga” whales have to wear Santa hats and kiss their trainers as you see here.

See Sea Paradise’s official website for Christmas (in Japanese) as well as some information in English.

whale kisses girl wearing Santa hat

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5 thoughts on “A whale of a Christmas”

  1. Mr. Skulduggery’s blog is bemused by this linking of “Santa hats to whale murder” the following news report.

    …environmentalists are saddened by the sight of what they say is the final humiliation for the whale in a country that hunts them down with harpoons.
    The beluga whales have been fitted out with the cute Santa hats to entertain the crowds at the Hakkeijima Sea Paradise on Yokohama Island.
    There’s even a chance to receive a wet kiss under the mistletoe from a yuletide beluga

    —Daily Mail, UK, 18th December 2007

    Animal activists’ anger after aquarium puts Santa hats on whales

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