O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum…

xmas-tree Japasnese New Year's Pine
I used to loooove that every year at Christmas, my company would put out two of these “Christmas” trees flanking the main entrance just for me since ostensibly I was the only Christian in the office.

Actually theseKadomatsu are not for Christmas, but for the Japanese holy season, Oshogatsu–[正月]New Years. However, my Japanese coworkers were always greatly amused by my irreverently calling them Christmas trees. As I have mentioned before, it’s nearly impossible to be sacrilegious in Japan, as evidenced by this New Year’s Kadomatsu Pine Traffic Cone, which is considered temporary housing for kami, the Japanese gods.

kadomatsu traffic cone kadomatsu traffic cone.jpg

To learn more, refer to Wikipedia’s entry on Kadomatsu [門松].
~ New Year’s Decoration available from J-List.com, “you’ve got a friend in Japan.”

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