Less ‘K. Y.’ for ASIMO in a video featuring roboButtsecks

ASIMO a polite robot that is not KYYes, you read that correctly—Honda ASIMO robot that has less K.Y.!

K.Y. is short for “Kuuki ga Yomenai,” literally meaning ‘not reading the air,’ is the Japanese need to read the atmosphere or catch the vibe of a situation without words. Young people in Japan are often badmouthed as being rudely K. Y.

Since ASIMO’s release in 2000, Honda has been striving to improve their K.Y.-acting, rude boy robot that unknowingly would shake a person’s hand and clomp around blindly in bipedal locomotion that would get in everyone’s way. Now ASIMO acts more grown up and polite. In the video from FNN Headline News (only in Japanese) you can see ASIMO recognize faces, avoid getting in the way in the hallway, and act deferent and polite. All in all behaving like good a Japanese—He’s become an evolved grown-up robot “that can read air” [空気を読め].

As for the “roboButtsecks” part video…. Honda also has worked on making ASIMO much more independent both personality-wise and in its energy needs. In the FNN video at 3:04, you will see ASIMO seek out as special electrical outlet, back up to it, bend over slightly, and get plugged in his robobutt.
asimo robot buttsecks Click to watch ASIMO roboButtsecks via FNN Headline News (in Japanese) as a WindowsMedia video in high or low format, or as REAL Media video in high or low format.

A reader just found Prior Art for ASIMO’s robobuttsecks!
Here is a Superman comic from the 1950s with Lois Lane’s complaining the morning after robot buttsecks.

Lois Lane robot butt sex
Via pretprieel.

Note that as of 2007, there are 46 ASIMO in existence. Each one costs less than $1 million to manufacture, and some units are available to be hired out for $166,000 per year. Wait, for $166,000 per year I will gladly “read the air” and back up politely to an electrical outlet.

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2 thoughts on “Less ‘K. Y.’ for ASIMO in a video featuring roboButtsecks”

  1. Hey, I just found Prior Art for ASIMO’s robobuttsecks!
    Here is Superman comic from the 1950s with Lois Lane’s complaining the morning after robot buttsecks:
    “I couldn’t sit down all night after what that robot did to me.”
    Refer to pretprieel.

  2. I found a follow-up article on MSNBC.com about the ASIMO demonstration shown in the video…

    Honda robots pair up to lend a hand
    MSNBC.com / 11:27 a.m. ET Dec. 11, 2007: TOKYO– As if the idea of having one robot to serve you wasn’t unusual enough, Honda says its humanoids are now ready to work in pairs … and they can even serve drinks.
    At a demonstration Tuesday at its Tokyo headquarters, automaker Honda Motor Co. showed off two of the child-sized Asimo robots serving tea and performing other tasks in coordination with one another.
    The bubble-headed robots seemed to pick their steps carefully as they made their way around the room, picking up and putting down drink trays and pushing around a refreshments cart.
    Honda said it has developed a system to link its robots together so they can share information about where each one is and what each is doing.
    The 51-inch tall Asimo is “smarter” now, thanks to upgrades that allow it to do more tasks without human help, the company said. The robot can, for example, recognize drink choices and carry a tray with the requested drink to the person who placed the order.
    The Asimo, which looks like a child in a white spacesuit, also does a better job of moving around people because of technology that allows it to better predict people’s movements so it doesn’t get in the way...more...

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