Christmas Clarence Gooey Duck in English and Japanese

Well, the attack of the Konzak’s Christmas Clarence Gooey Duck in English and Japanese all started for me with today’s post on the WFMU’s “Beware of the Blog.”  Gooey Duck - Geoduck mirugai sashimi

Jim Gaerhart – Clarence The Geoduck (MP3, 5:53): This is a holiday promotional 45, both in English and Japanese for the Russell Company – home of the Russell 2000 Index [of stocks], and obviously made long before the company had billions of bucks

The Geoduck, pronounced “Gooey Duck,” is the giant clam of American Northwest coast with a profoundly phallic shape of its siphon, which has led to the belief in Japan (ミル貝 or ナミガイ mirugai = Geoduck) and China that the shellfish has aphrodisiac properties. This lead to a strangely to the recording of a Japanese version of the Gooey Duck Song by its author, the harpmaker-storyteller, Ron Konzak of Washington State.
gooey duck song - 45 record
I trimmed down the long Christmas promotional single to just the English and Japanese versions of the song, which I’ve posted here as an iPod-ready download, MP3 format (3:08 minutes) of the tune, or a streaming version at very bottom of this page.

You can also watch and listen to the Goggle video of Konzak’s Gooey Duck Song (Geoduck) Seattle Songs (2 min 29 sec)The Gooey Duck Song was created by Konzak’s group “Pierymplezak” (Ron Konzak, Bob Dalrymple, Judy and Jerry Elfendah, et al) who released the song in 1972 as a 45 single by “Acme Music” (GNP Crescendo, #468). The novelty song was popular hit in the Seattle area and it’s still a standard tune found in Cub Scout song books. Be sure to check out Ron Konzak’s website for more fun.

Finally, you can listen to a streaming version of the Gooey Duck Song on my podcast site below.

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