Potato Paradise . . . or Perdition, Japan

Meiji Hokkaido Choco Potato Chocolate Covered Potato SticksIn Japan you never know what you might find masquerading as a potato chip. You might be served mayonnaise’n’fish egg chips or it might be Choco Potato® , chocolate-covered potato sticks, yuck.

Frankly, the best way to assure that seaweed is not the main ingredient of your potato chips is to make your own with the amazing Japanese MICROWAVE POTATO CHIP MAKER from our sponsor J-List.com.
potato chips in a microwave oven
Yes, you can make your own potato chips in a microwave oven the Japanese way. If you’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle, you know that avoiding oily foods are the way to go. But sometimes, there’s always that craving to snack on a few chips now and again. Thankfully, this is where the microwave potato chip maker comes in handy, satisfying both the need to be healthy, while satisfying the munchies. Measuring at 13 cm (5 inches) in diameter with 11 cm (4 inches) in height, it comes with all the accessories you need – an easy to use vegetable slicer, bowl to hold the slices, holder, and the microwave tray that is the secret to keeping these vegetables nice and crisp. Simply slice the vegetables, place in the tray, and then microwave. Within minutes you’ll have delicious fresh low calorie potato chips that utilizes absolutely no oil! Use this for other vegetables as well— Easy to clean and a great way to keep healthy. Buy it now from J-List.com.
microwave potato-chip cooker

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3 thoughts on “Potato Paradise . . . or Perdition, Japan”

  1. Shikoku88Henro commented on “Potato Paradise . . . or Perdition, Japan”:
    I’ve tried the microwave thing and they come out tasting like crap. Potato chips need to be fried or baked but not nuked.

    Without any oil, the microwaved potato “chips” taste like semi-dehydrated, sort of rubbery, potato slices more than anything else.
    However, I found using olive oil or butter flavored, zero-calorie, Pam Cooking Spray made the chips a lot better (not super-fantastic but eatable).

    PS: Just like most things in The Real Japan©, these J-List “PRODUCTs OF THE WEEK” are sometimes less than super-fantastic if not downright kitschy-crappy-happy. ;-)

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