Tiffany and Co. phone rings bling for Japan

Yes! The world economy is entering a new great depression, but all of these diamond-encrusted cellphones were sold out in only three days to Japanese willing to spend 13 million yen ($134,000 USD) after the phones were put on sale November 1.

Diamond mobile phones sell out in three days in Japan
Fri Nov 7, 2008 Yahoo! News–Japanese actress Aya Ueto displays… Softbank’s “Tiffany mobile phone”, studded with 537-piece, a total of 18.34 carats diamonds…more…

Original story posted January 29, 2008

Tiffany and Co. edition mobile phone for $93,000
bling cellphone Tiffany and Co
I just saw on the noontime TV news that Softbank Mobile will release in collaboration with Tiffany and Co. a blinged-out, diamond-encrusted phone with a charming price of more than 10 million yen ($93,751 USD)! According to their press release, the phone will be covered with 400 diamonds totaling more than 20 carats.

And just in case that is not expensive enough for you, you can order this “Jupiter” personal computer housed in a case made from pure platinum for mere 80 million yen – around $750,187 USD from Tokyo firm Zeus Computer (also there’s a “Mars” PC made from solid gold for only 60 million yen or $562,561 USD) according to TechDigest.
zeus computer
bling computer PC

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2 thoughts on “Tiffany and Co. phone rings bling for Japan”

  1. I’m sure that Tiffany and Co. choose Japan for this stupid phone was that in Japan $93,000 (65,000 euros) does not buy much fun, house, or even a car—The Tiffany phone would be cheaper over a 3-year period than owning a new luxury car (parking is $28/day, drivers license $2,400, gas is $6+/gallon, etc).

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