Japanese horse mask man frolics and cooks “magic” mushrooms

horse head Japanese  masked man aka WOTAKEN

This Japaneseque video is what YouTube was made for!

Marvel in wonder at this frolicking Japanese man wearing a horse mask and a slingshot mankini as he brews up a batch of Amanita muscaria aka Sacred Soma magic mushrooms. –2008/Jan/28

It has taken more than a week for Boing Boing to discover my Horsehead Freak is, “a performance artist from Japan that goes by the name of WOTAKEN” whose website is at http://katura.is.land.to (funky machine translation).

The background music is from Final Fantasy VI complete with the Kefka laugh while he frolics around making his own special Final Fantasy Potion.
Final Fantasy Potion bottles

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9 thoughts on “Japanese horse mask man frolics and cooks “magic” mushrooms”

  1. Such an epic tale of love, hate, life and death. This video defines the beauty of life, all the hardships and triumphs we face on our road, the dreams we carry with us and the courage to pursue them. I am moved to tears.

  2. Not really magic mushrooms. Magic mushrooms would be the ones containing psilocybin. These don’t. Still great video though!

  3. Daniel B wrote:
    Not really magic mushrooms. Magic mushrooms would be the ones containing psilocybin.

    Oops. My bad.
    Psilocybe” aka Magic mushrooms of the Americas are different than “Amanita muscaria” the Sacred Soma – fly agaric.

  4. I really don’t believe it. I pray BruceWayne is better for the world cup!

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