Soy sauce chocolate from Kit Kat Japan

Besides being the Official Chocolate of Japanese Exam Hell, Kit Kat Japan is always working overtime to come up weird new varities for the hypertrendy but fickle Japanese market.

soy kitkat

Nestle KitKat “soy sauce flavor”
trendy – Nikkei Weekly Feb. 28, 2008 [machine translation]going on limited sale in Tokyo from the middle of March, “Nestle KitKat soy sauce flavor”…It is said that the scent of soy sauce will drift faintly if a bag is opened, a scent matches the sweetness of chocolate… the “soy sauce flavor” can enjoy unexpected delicacy…kit-kat breaktown

As I reported to before you are able to Drink Kit Kat from a can dispensed from a soda machine in Japan. More noticeably, you would think it was the peek of Sakura cherry blossom time (rather still snowing) with a plethora of Sakura Kit Kat kits ready for sale on the Japanese market.
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Sakura Kit Kat is available via

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One thought on “Soy sauce chocolate from Kit Kat Japan”

  1. As a name, Kit Kat is the same as Japanese phrase きっと勝つ Kitto Katsu—‘sure to win (on exams).’

    Check out the "Special Butter" chocolatory Kit Kats!

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