Tying one on … Japanese style

japanese-drunkA drunken salaryman with necktie wrapped around his head is the quintessential image of a Japanese party animal.

That image of tying one on is carried over to this hangover tonic, “NOMITAI me! Turmeric“—The pun is that the Japanese word for wanna drink, “nomitai” is pronounced nomi (drink) tie like necktie.
[nomitai wanna drink me]
Nomitai n ya Ukon
For their new turmeric hangover tonic, Sangaria Corporation uses a picture of a drunk party animal with a necktie tied around his head like a salaryman-samurai with a hachimaki headband for kamikaze-style hangovers.

Watch the wacky television commercial for the “NOMITAI me! Turmeric” tonic on the Sangaria Corporation website.
hangover tonic television commercial Windows Media Player 9 needed

drink-me Japanese lady

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4 thoughts on “Tying one on … Japanese style”

  1. Like lampshade wearing, HEAD NECKTIE WEARING is a signifier of a salaryman trope of “fun”.

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