Japanese booby prize

Boobies are so hard to catch in Japan that they came up with this new “UFO Catcher”—a claw vending machine or toy crane machine.
japanese  ufo catcher for boobies via Mil’s flickr[1]

This arcade game lets the player manipulate the controls for a minute or less trying to grab a prize, usually plush toys and occasionally more “creatively” in Japan, silicon boobies like these, as well as live animals such as lobsters or turtles. See our previous report: Robot dog catcher debuts in Japan .

And, if you can’t catch ‘em, buy ‘em….
breast Oppai Ball G Cup
… Buy your own booby from Rinkya Stores via this product’s page.

[1] View the original, full-sized photo on Mil’s flickr photostream.

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  1. Here’s a different type of “catcher” game machine where you…


    …Where you can catch crabs!

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