Crocodile sashimi

This ain’t exactly “news,” but the Japanese blogosphere today showing photos of this crocodile sashimi featured at a grand opening of a Japanese Jusco supermarket in Shenzhen China just north of Hong Kong.

 crocodile sashimi  sushi roll
(machine translation of the Japanese blog post about this)

Served in sushi restarants, Japanese sashimi is just raw fish without any sushi rice or nori /seaweed wrapped around it. However, the black skin makes this sliced crocodile look like a giant maki sushi roll. [Wikipedia]
tuna maki roll slices

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5 thoughts on “Crocodile sashimi”

  1. The Tokyo sewers are full of ‘em so the have to export them to China. JUSCO supermarket has been exporting alligators to China since the Tokyo sewers are full of ‘em so the have to something with them, or we all would be up to asses in alligators/ワニ. Traditionally, Japanese children get ‘em as a New Years’ gift but when they get too big, parents flush them down the toilet and say they “escaped.” They breed down there beneath the fetid streets of Tokyo, in the black toxic industrial filth they turn into man-eating alligators that hunt using their super sense of smell. When the alligators to detect rank odor of ramen and whiskey vomit they creep out under the cover of darkness and prey on the drunk salarymen passed out on the streets.

  2. @MARKed TRAIL

    Wow I don’t know what the hell you are smoking but…. just wow.

    It is the same thing in Florida, you get them as eggs and then when they start to eat fingers you flush them so they can eat the weird swamp hillbillies who live in the central part of the state. Freaking Deliverance type psychos.


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