Dippy ‘Diply Talk’ from corporate Japan


You gotta wonder if Sanyo’s new Diply Talk® digital recorder is proof of growing drug abuse in corporate Japan. Yes, this model is initially only for Japanese distribution so any engrish name would be ok. However, in a few months Sanyo will be releasing on the world market where the product will have be retooled and relabeled to avoid dippy dipshit connotations of Diply Talk®.

Here’s the sad rest-of-the-story:
Sanyo Japan has dozens of employees who speak English and most likely have warned them about the problems with ‘Diply’. Yet diply product manager insisted calling it Diply Talk® and now the cost of product renaming will equal the cost of the first product update (I used to watch millions on dollars at Hitachi going down the drain in just this way). Sheesh.

UPDATE: It turns out that “Diply Talk” is Sanyo’s branding mistake for their entire product line of high-end digital recorders. Refer to the specs and full report at akihabaranews.com: ICR-PS1000M Diply Talk: The New High-End PCM Voice Recorder from Sanyo

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