Paris Hilton’s kitty clone

Paris Hilton as Hello Kitty doll
Showbiz News – Life Style Extra – Tuesday, 8th August 2006, 13:19
Paris Hilton’s kitty clone
LIFE STYLE EXTRA (UK) – Paris Hilton has been turned into cat.
The blonde star has been transformed from super-slim hottie heiress into a ‘Hello Kitty’ doll by Japanese toy makers.
The soft doll depicts Paris as a white cat and has her trademark blonde hair. The doll is dressed in a pink coat, the ‘Simple Life’ star’s favourite colour, and even comes complete with a tiny Chihuahua dog, which looks like Paris’ former pet pooch Tinkerbell.
A whole range of accessories are available for the Hello Kitty doll as well, including handbags, a black ‘hoodie’ and a bow for her hair.

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3 thoughts on “Paris Hilton’s kitty clone”

  1. The real restofthestory…

    Paris Hilton gets Sushi’d in Japan
    24 September 2010
    Paris Hilton who is of very questionable character , was to say the least miffed today when immigration officials tried to Sushi her out of Japan.
    Arriving in Japan to promote her new fashion line, Paris Hilton met with Immigration officials trying to refuse her entry to the country.
    20 officials pelted her with rancid Sushi, when she tried to pass through the security area, of terminal 1, in Japan International Airport, to jeers of support from other airport staff and passengers waiting in the airports lounge.
    The Sushi, which contained all manner of sea fish and red dye used in food colouring, stained Paris Hilton ...more...
    paris-hilton fishy sushi

  2. Unless Paris Hilton gets her big dead fish, she will be sentenced to an eternity of licking her own pets’ genitals.

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