Japanese ‘can coffee’ — Golgo 13 vs Spock

Separated at Birth
Golgo 13 vs Spock of the Starship Enterprise

separated-at-birth Golgo vs Spock

Thanks to the quip by our sharp-eye reader, Gearheadsan, that: “Golgo 13 looks sorta like a younger, more virile Spock.”golgo-13 can-coffee

Of course you might ask, “What the hell is Japanese ‘can coffee’?”
Crack-in-a-Can, Japanese ‘can coffee’ is the secret of Japan’s success and without it this highly caffeinated country would never function before noon. Ubiquitous in Japan, a large number of companies offer a huge variety types of cans being sold in vending machines both as heated cans in the autumn and winter, and cold cans in the warm months. See Wikipedia for more information.

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