Oh “La-la” tourmaline bustier

This “La-la” tourmaline-embedded bustier graced this week’s Beauty World Japan exhibition in Tokyo.
Why tourmaline-embedded girdle?
It’s a Japanese tin-foil hat … tourmaline is thought of as a “miracle electric stone” said to neutralize harmful emissions from cellphones and cure bad moods by emitting fields of negative ions. Ri-i-i-ght.

tacky tourmaline bra

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4 thoughts on “Oh “La-la” tourmaline bustier”

  1. So what happened to the tourmaline-embedded phallus? I hear it helps fight the negative ions from rectal proximity… I am just asking…

  2. RandyLimpbiscuit wrote:
    So what happened to the tourmaline-embedded phallus?

    It is now dating a labia with a phallic top carved in onyx and 18K gold. When it is reversed it’s a hard, black heart…

    carved labia

  3. The tourmaline-encrustation i is all over me… elaborate, convoluted, repetitive, baroque, rococo, encrusted fractal of my dampdream of a blue-vein line through the deep carvings ….

    Then our eyes meet as they are torn by pebbles, granite occlusions, inclusions of crystalline tourmaline, constant tears smear the grit on my phallic masquerade…

  4. MARKed TRAIL wrote:
    The tourmaline-encrustation is all over me…

    Damn Mr. MARKed, I told you not to go off your meds!

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