Japan beats all in the Masturbateathon!

masterbate-a-thon choke a chicken World beating wankers — Japan No. 1!

Masturbate-A-Thon 2008
2008/05/25 SF Weekly / Sunday Dispatch
…In the men’s endurance competition, the two guys from Tokyo were head to head. They were Norihiro Taneichi and Masanobu Sato, and both were using the Tenga– a red and white stripped disposable masturbation aid. wank-winner SatoAfter 8 hours and 40 minutes, when both had broken the world record, Taneichi finally gave up. After all, he had already won the honor of “farthest distance come to come” by about 10 minutes. Both men seemed exhausted…But in the end, 20 years of intense training helped Sato pull though, he said.

I case you didn’t know, May is National Masturbation Month and this is the seventh year of the Masturbate-A-Thon. The winners were representing the TENGA masturbation aid, so this might violate this year’s Olympic sprint of international amateur competition, ha, ha. However, it’s interesting that for device’s introduction into the North American market there were size “considerations” made in the U.S. TENGA masturbation aid.
usa-vs-japan tenga
cross-section of wanking device

Also, check out this fun Japanese news interview with the inventor, Tsuyoshi Yoshida, of the world beating device, the Tenga—No translation needed just fast-forward to 5:40 to watch the Japanese news ladies titter and giggle as they help in the demonstration.

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5 thoughts on “Japan beats all in the Masturbateathon!”

  1. the US version is… pretty big, eh? I guess things are bigger in the USofA. the Japanese version looks as big as my finger :P

  2. US version stands for Ultra Sized and not United States dude. I got the full line of Tenga from this toydemon site and I have to say it’s better than real thing(don’t tell my gf that tho lol)

  3. that’s crazy yo!!! but that thing they’re using looks slick.. I’ll check it out. thanks for the site reference TikiHat

  4. TikiHat wrote:
    US version stands for Ultra Sized and not United States dude.

    Hmmm, that makes sense (to use the over-sized Tenga so that nothing stimulates the Japanese sausage and nobody can tell if said sausage is plump and still cooking. ;-)

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