screw-kewpiThis package of Japanese fasteners is labeled….
screw-kewpie in Japanese

This screw-Kewpie is a parody of Japan’s Kewpie brand “Tarako” (creepfest of cod roe mayonnaise) that I reported on previously.
Tarako TV commercials

UPDATE: My buddy, the mysterious Mr. M, just wrote that the, “company Sanwa Screw have once again produced a limited number of ‘costume kewpies’.
For more infomation, refer to the official website of Sanwa Screw (funky engrish machine translation of the Japanese).

Also read the rest-of-story about the mutant Kewpies in the comments.
Mutant Kewpies from Japan

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I'm a pale, alien, quadruped who has worked for 25+ years at "Maybe-the-Largest Inc." in Tokyo.

10 thoughts on “SCREW KEWPIE!”

  1. Your local friendly Tokyu Hands (at least the one I checked out in Ikebukuro) had a whole slew of screwy looking Kewpie mutants, from the body builder Kewpie to the zombie Kewpie with missing body parts…it gets creepier as you look at the various variations…. ugh….

  2. Dr. den4 wrote:
    …Tokyu Hands had a whole slew of screwy looking Kewpie mutants, from the body builder Kewpie to the zombie Kewpie.

    Damn, I found those Kewpie Mutants, which to directly quote the Tokyo Hands website are: “The collaboration of the dream of prettiness the Rose O’Neill’s original Kewpie and extreme popularity characters without reason.”

    For celebrating the upcoming centenary of the original 1909 character of Kewpie by Rose O’Neill, Mutant Kewpies from Japan Tokyu Hands is selling mutants like the Astro Boy kewpie, Ninja Hattori kewpie, Kitaro kewpie, and even a skeletal SHOCKER kewpie a la Kaman Rider.

  3. WOTS “Zone-based”??

    Zone-based “Screw-Kewpie” is very popular !
    …All prepared 1,000 Screw-Kewpie were sold out in little more than two hours…more…

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