Beat off the Japanese heat with Ladies’ Loincloths

pendre shortsOver on the always-charming Mari’s blog, she found, “a new type of fundoshi/loincloth for girls called ‘pandor’* shorts became a popular topic on TV and the Japanese Internet.” Traditionally the Japanese fundoshi/loincloth was only worn by men, but these pandor* shorts are for women.

*Pandor is from the French word “Pendre” meaning hang.

Watch the loincloth coverage on the Fuji News Network TV news video (07/21/2008 18:38)
pandor shorts
Click to watch. (Windows Media format)

The Japanese website selling the ‘pandor shorts’ offers all sort of options such as ferrite (iron) fiber cloth to protect the body from the electromagnetic waves (a tin foil hat for the crotch?). The webstie also provides valuable advice such as shown below.
pendre simekata instructions loincloth for ladies

fundoshi loincloth
I’m still waiting for the traditional Japanese fundoshi/loincloth to emerge as the Japan’s ‘Cool Biz’ campaign product for summer.”

Actually, women do on rare occasions wear fundoshi. in traditional festivals such as this previous 3Yen report featuring a young women with her father in the middle of the photo (click for full size).

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5 thoughts on “Beat off the Japanese heat with Ladies’ Loincloths”

  1. I don’t see how it’s better than a g-string…

    In fact… with the heat… I don’t see how it’s better than going commando… Or moving to hokkaido…

  2. cat-street-mikoshi harajuku shrine parade[+]
    Although lacking the hinky closeups of my previous post, Japanese festivals at their best (3Yen), @TokyoFashion has a great series of photos of fundoshi fashionistas carrying a portable shrine down the back streets of Tokyo’s über-trendy Harajuku district.

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