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The Hippo Car and other mutants of Japan

On the radioactive streets of post-war Hiroshima, the mutant Kaba car—hippopotamus sound car of Kabaya Confections (machine translation) trolls for children starved for sweetness in this photo taken in December 1946.

kaba car Hiroshima dome

kaba car japanese school kids

Kabaya Foods (literally the ‘Hippopotamus Shop’) has promoted their caramels with a sound truck looking just like a hippopotamus ever since.

Today’s “Kaba car” still trolls the streets of Japan looking for school children to eat at you can see on the right.
kaba car logo new
kaba-car modern

kabagarasu-ani-30x40.gif Kabaya’s Kabagarasu is a mutant cross between a hippo and a crow. (Hey, I don’t explain ‘em.) The Kabagarasu (literally “Hippo-Crow”) and other atomic mutants are featured in many of the Kabaya’s commercials.

MUTANT Jersey Cow/Kaba

kaba-car 1946


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  1. Taro Says:

    Spotted in Texas and posted on the blog You Drive What?: Hutto Hippos
    hutto hippo youdrivewhat

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