Hobbit Housing offered in Japan

Hobbit Housing ® is now available in Japan!

dome village
mushroom house
The PinkTentacle.com offered this photo of the Aso Farm Land resort village in Kyushu Japan, which uses about 480 styrofoam domes as lodging, recreational facilities and retail space. Although it may look like somebody had too many magic mushhrooms, and modular design is quite rational.
Read more at i-domehouse.com


And for “prior art,” check out the Google Street View of the Hello Kitty House, a novelty store that is just around the corner from my house here in Denenchofu Tokyo.

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denenchofu hello kitty house google street maps

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9 thoughts on “Hobbit Housing offered in Japan”

  1. It’ll be eons before Tokyo turns into the green paradise of Hobbiton…
    In the Meantime, monkeys will get lost in Shibuya:
    Looking for greenery….
    And Cicada Cosplayers will try to show their “Green-brown” outfits:
    while artists make Shibuya green in their own way…

  2. Actually, that photo was Minnie Mouse’s house in Toontown*, Walt Disney World’s Kingdom, Orlando, Florida, and the photo was taken at a stretched, unrealistic angle. Minnie’s house used to look like this…

    minnie mouse house in toonland disney world orlando..
    *Toontown was torn down last year to make room for the expansion and renewal Fantasyland. Refer to: etckt.com/2011/02/13/toontown-no-more

    But never fear!
    Tokyo Disneyland still has Toontown and an even cuter Minnie Mouse house! ;-)

    Minnie House Tokyo Disneyland
    Minnie House Tokyo Disneyland
    Minnie’s House
    tokyodisneyresort.co.jp | Tokyo Disneyland
    Minnie's House is easy to find, just look out for the pretty purple roof. The outside and the interior are all perfectly romantic and cute! Have a peek into her bedroom and kitchen! Her house is just full of charm.
    At Minnie's House you're welcome to explore every nook and cranny. Go to the kitchen and look inside the refrigerator. What do you see inside? And what happens when you touch the oven or the dishwasher? Don't forget to toss a coin into the wishing well in the backyard; you'll get to hear a special message from Minnie.

  3. Oh, the horror!! It’s gone! Sacrilege!

    Former Site of Strawberry House (Tokyo)
    Japan, Tokyo, Ota-ku, Den-en-chofu 2-chome, 49-2
    abandoned / shut down / defunct

    Strawberry-shaped Sanrio products shop. Closed on December 25, 2011.
    former hello kitty house site tokyo


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