Problematic Pokemons

interesting gynecological details of Pikaku anatomy

My previous photos (R) of Pikachu’s pooter in Japan were funny.
However, the news report below of the emergence of the “Pokemones” in Chile is funny but quite as cute as the cartoon characters.
pokemons kids in Chile

Kissing-crazy ‘Pokemon’ teens shock Chilean society
AFP: 21 August 2008 SANTIAGO– A band of kissing-crazy, spiky-haired teenagers known as the Pokemons, who have a penchant for alcohol-free afternoon raves…[Their] androgynous fashion sense accompanied by the latest gadgets and a desire to kiss as many people as possible in one of their afternoon gatherings in the Chilean capital, Santiago, seems to be the glue which holds this urban tribe together…
At a typical gathering, hundreds of boys and girls compete to see who can kiss the most number of people on the lips. They talk openly about sex, and have no problem with gay or lesbian relations. Another Pokemon activity is fully clothed simulated sex, often on the dance floor….engaged in public oral sex with as many anonymous partners as possiblemore

Female Pikachu left - regular male right

Read a full explanation of the Pokemons phenomenon in Newsweek: Rebels Without Cause –Chile’s disaffected ‘Pokemones’ don’t care much about politics. They’re too busy having sex.–

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13 thoughts on “Problematic Pokemons”

  1. Cap’n Jack wrote:
    Gives “Gotta catch ‘em all” a whole new meaning!!

    Here ya go with something better yet!

    stupidest and most amazing pokemon magic carp Makikarp Magikarp
    (CLICK to view the full-sized Makikarp and huge explanatory chart (780 × 3715 pixels.)

    Japan Gets Stupidest, Yet Possibly Most Amazing Pokémon | Feb. 8, 2013
    …Enter level 99 shiny Magikarp, which will be an event Pokémon distributed by a Pokémon Centre in Nagoya
    The Makikarp holds a rare candy (of course) and has Flail, Hydro Pump, Bounce and Splash as moves.
    I want it—just to say I own it. It's an effing level 99 shiny Magikarp! What the hell?

  2. Artist creates “PokeMonstrosities” that are the stuff of nightmares
    RocketNews24 | 2014/11/27
    Artist JR Coffron III has finally answered the question of what happens if you leave a Pokémon in its pokeball too long: they come out as undead ravening monsters…more

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