Let it all hang out — Let’s loincoth!


Wanna wear a fundoshi [ふんどし]–the traditional Japanese loincloth?

fundoshi foreigner
Tokyo blogger extraordinaire Jean Snow has put out the casting call….

Be a Fundoshi Model
2008.09.11 JEANSNOW.net –Yukie Kaneko is a graphic designer who has … designed a collection of fundoshi…
She’s currently looking for non-Japanese men to model her fundoshi collectionmore

fundoshi how-to
To put on a fundoshi, drape the cloth part behind your back, so that it falls between your legs, and pull the straps around you and tie in the front. Pull the cloth between your legs from behind to the front and pull over the tie and let it all hang out.

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4 thoughts on “Let it all hang out — Let’s loincoth!”

  1. Maybe “jail” in a policebox for an 8-hour sobering up period but nobody goes to prison for fundoshi in Japan.

  2. I suspect that all Japanese girls should be dressing in loincloths made of dingo skin, greater than we have been competent at turn out. Anytime we realize semi-nudity has the deserving, it’s precisely what is fascinating and sexy.

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