Japanese bathing beauties of old

The calendar-obsessed Japanese think that the swimming season is over in September even though the temperature still hits 30C/85F every afternoon, sheesh.
Not to worry—Enjoy this flickr photostream of Geisha Posing as Bathing Beauties…

Japanese bathing beauty Clickie, clickie.

swimsuit girls of old japan

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2 thoughts on “Japanese bathing beauties of old”

    More and more Japanese moms agree: boys should wear girls’ swimsuits
    rocketnews24.com 2013/07/30
    According to an interview with Excite News Japan, school staff are growing increasingly worried with parents’ request to put their sons in one-piece swimsuits.
    We don’t mean something cool like wetsuits either. These moms insist that to the best way to combat the indecent exposure of a topless boy is to put him in a girl’s swimsuit.

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