Nothing can surpass the brilliance of Tokyo Gas’ slogan slapped on the side of thousands of their company’s trucks proclaiming, “MY CITY — MY GAS®.”*
However, this TV commercial for the robot girl of Tokyo Gas shows continued creativity.

tokyo gas eco-will slideshow
tokyo gas logo
Click to view on Tokyo Gas website.

To quote the breathless copy of the TOKYO GAS website (machine translation):
“Is it a beautiful woman robot in search of charge and husband meet the needs of making a comfortable home?
While many homes use electric, this home can enjoy warmth of comfortable gas with eco-will cogeneration.
eco-will household cogeneration —
With gas cogeneration, when I [Robo-girl] generate electricity I also use the exhaust heat to supply hot water and heating, eliminating the waste of the energy. I can generate electricity with gas at your home, as well as hot water and heating thus saving about 40% of your annual cost of electricity. That’s about 30,000 yen a year with cogeneration.”

*The slogan MY CITY — MY GAS®
was created for the 1970 Osaka Expo
for use at the Japanese Gas Industry Pavilion.
It was used actively until the mid-1980s.


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6 thoughts on “MY CITY — MY GAS®”

  1. kind of reminds me of the Yokohama Expo they had back in the ’80’s…..where one of the stands had a large “Nice to Meat You!” for their beef oriented food stands…..along with the large For Beautiful Human Life sign out in Ginza area….

  2. Check out what coming out the blue butt of the Tokyo Gas bear.


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