Honda puts a bot up your butt

robo-buttYes! Honda wants to put robo- Boogie In Your Butt.

Honda shows wearable device that helps you walk – Friday, November 7, 2008; TOKYO – Imagine a bicycle seat connected by mechanical frames to a pair of shoes for an idea of how the new wearable assisted-walking gadget from Honda works. The experimental device, unveiled Friday, is designed to support bodyweight, reduce stress on the knees and help people get up steps and stay in crouching positions….

Note that the claim that this wearable device “helps you walk” is totally specious.
Like the Wrong Trousers, the Honda kinky strap-on that I previously reported on, the new robo-Boogie In Your Butt device is totally useless for side-stepping motions and on uneven ground—It won’t make the user very nimble.

Thanks to a tip from my drinking buddy Rob Pongi, here’s a video of the Honda strap-on.


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6 thoughts on “Honda puts a bot up your butt”

  1. I hear next month they’ll be coming out with an accessory that clips to the waist and allows for power-assisted precision bowing for those suffering from repetitive-movement injuries and overbearing middle management.

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