Japanese ‘GS’—Group Sounds of the 60s

Japanese GS Group Sounds of 1960s

The New York public radio station, WFMU, on their Beware of the Blog is featuring an MP3 sampler of what is called here in engRish, “GS”; that is, Japanese Group Soundsmothra sounds.

Musically speaking, think the 1960s version of Kill Bill’s Woo Hoo by the’s having kinky sex with Godzilla’s soundtrack.

Listen/save a variety of MP3s of kitschy Japanese tunes such as:
— Yuji Koseki – Mothra’s Song
— Cougars – J & A
— The Carnabeats – Chu Chu Chu
— Jimmy Takeuchi & The Exciters – Diamond Head
— Terry & The Blue Jeans – Squad Car

Speaking of Japanese ‘GS’, here’s the original version of Mothra’s Song by the Peanuts…

You can also watch the modern version of Mothra’s Song… as a music video.

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