Japan invents the ‘perfect’ airport

For only $268 million, Japan invents the ‘perfect’ airport…

That is, an airport without planes.


Airport without planes shows Japan hooked on ‘useless projects’
loomberg – Dec. 4 , 2008–Japan’s $268 million Ibaraki Airport is on schedule to open for business in March 2010. The hard part will be persuading any airline to fly there…“We’re not planning any flights from Ibaraki Airport,” Japan Air President Haruka Nishimatsu said on Dec. 2. “It’s out of the question.” His company and All Nippon have cut unprofitable local routesmore...

This airField of Dreams is like the famous example of the “Cargo Cults” that made mock airstrips and aircraft in the belief that if the proper rituals are performed [like making the new Ibaraki Airport] planes carrying cargo will come to the island and riches will be distributed to all.
wikipedia–Cargo Cult
Cargo Cult plane fake
Cargo Cult plane ready for use at new Ibaraki Airport

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