FISH BEER to the recession rescue!

According to the Times, “Japan is too shocked to drown sorrows in beer.” hat is, the sales of beer of in Japan have massively dropped with the current worse recession since WWII, which is very surprising since normally Japanese people drown their sorrows in beer.
Never fear for the economy for now it’s FISH BEER to the rescue!fish-beer

Get glassy-eyed with Japanese fish beer
Japan Marketing News: December 05, 2008
….Tosa Kuroshio Karyudo is a low malt concoction brewed with rice flour and hops in an 8 to 2 ratio. Nothing so unusual there. What makes it unique is that it also contains dashi, the fish (bonito) stock that’s critically important to making Japanese soupsmore

Sadly, this fun fish beer must be a limited offering because the Tosa Kuroshio Bakshu Brewery doesn’t even show it on their website .

Note that the traditional dashi soup stock used in this fish beer is made of dried kombu seaweed (L) and shavings of rock-hard, dried fish Bonito aka Round Mackerel(R).

Bonito before & after
flaked-bonito shavings

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