“Twil N Take” Two

SONY’s so-called “new” Twil N Take [sic] battery-less digital camera is a rehash/relaunch of the ‘Twirl N Take‘ that we covered exactly one year ago. A botched press release with the product name misspelled shows that SONY deserves its continued death spiral to bankruptcy.

Dec. 11, 2008 – A FP—Daylife…Sony displays a new battery-less digital camera “Twil N Take” [sic] in Tokyo environmentally friendly products at the annual Eco Style Fair.

Original 3Yen story of December 13, 2007 ….

Sony unveiled this first—a digital camera without batteries and which charges by rolling its green wheel for about 40 seconds on a flat surface to take a picture with its 3 megapixel CMOS element.
Read the rest of the description of the ‘Twirl N Take’ here in a mega-funky machine translation of the Japanese news story.

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