Curry Bath Salts — the ideal Japanese Xmas gift?

The always informative blog, What Japan Thinks, listed Yahoo! JAPAN Shopping’s most irresistible unusual items of 2008; that is, the rare products Japanese folks just couldn’t resist click through to on the mega-popular Yahoo! JAPAN online shopping mall. The 3Yen covered most of these products in our previous stories such as, Ladies loincloths, the Scream Bottle, and the Exploding piggy bank, the Algae balls of Captain Hard-on.
However, the best of the Yahoo! JAPAN Shopping’s items I sadly missed: Curry Bath Salts!?!
Check out the machine-translation of the Curry Bath Salts page on the Yahoo! JAPAN online mall…
creepy-curry bath salts

Although curry bathing product is made by Bandai toy company, it is targeted at the adult market judging from the creepy expression on the Indian guy boiling in his own curry pot on the cover of the package. The whole idea of curry bath salts seems absurd since Japanese people will even complain about the smell if you eat garlic bread as part of your lunch.
However, these curry bath salts have the rather normal fragrances of “Honey”–for the sweet apple curry, “Herb”–for the dry-style curry, “Ginger”–for the hot red pepper curry, and “Milk”–for the beef stew curry along with the added bath-time zing with a touch of Capsicum red pepper extract (yes, Japanese think it is normal to eat Vermont Apple Curry and Sacred-Cow Beef Curry).

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