Octopus beatdown

Gimme Gimme OctopusIt seems that famous BoingBoing website has just discovered the very odd Japanese kids’ show, “Gimme Gimme Octopus” AKA Kure Kure Takora that the 3Yen reported on back in February 2006.
One thing that BoingBoing did uncover that the 3Yen didn’t was the secret banned episode where, “the main character, Takora is beaten by his neighbors to the point of being brain damaged, and it was considered much too violent to be rebroadcast.”

Here’s the evil episode #220 that was banned.

Kure Kure Takora Episode 220 (the banned episode) by shockerrider5
Original post of February 28, 2006….

‘Gimme Gimme Octopus’ for MP3 Japanese fun

Gimme Gimme Octopus

Gimme Gimme Octopus (Kure Kure Takora)
…Japanese kids’ show…”An octopus and a peanut are in love with the same walrus. Playing like a kind of Sesame Street segment on an entire sheet of acid….in one segment the octopus and the walrus steal the sleeping dragon’s smoking bowl. They then sit in a tree and sniff the smoke. Soon their eyelids are half open and they seem to be laughing and swaying back and forth….

From October 1973 to September 1974 the kid show Kure Kure Takora at 6-7pm on Fuji TV—-it’s seriously fun in a way only the Japanese can provide.
Enjoy the fun as WFMU provides some of the show’s music as a MP3 download here.
Listen to the theme song and see the characters here and download an AIFF format sound clip.

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  1. In an 1832 sermon preached in the chapel of Rugby School and entitled School Boys Should Mix With The Octopus, Dr Arnold said: “Another way of mixing with our brethren, in a manner most especially pleasing to Christ and useful to ourselves, is by holding frequent intercourse with the octopus. Perhaps, to young men of the richer classes, there is nothing which makes their frequent residence by the sea so mischievous to them, as the difficulties which they find in the way of this intercourse. Inland, many a young man knows something, at least, of his eight-legged neighbours; but by the shore, the numbers of the octopii, and the absence of any special connection between him and any of them in particular, hinder him, too often, from knowing anything of them at all: an evil as much to be regretted on the one side as the other; and which is quite as mischievous to the minds and tempers of the school boy, as it is to the bodily condition of the mollusc.”

  2. OBEY!


    Dumbo Octopus (Grimpoteuthis) for world overlord!
    Can’t do any worse than our current world leaders!


    Octopus neurobiology—One of the freakiest things you’ll learn, if you watch the video below, is that an octopus’ “brain” isn’t really a centralized thing the way ours is. The processing capacity is distributed throughout the animal’s body. A new study (see the bottom) that backs up that idea, demonstrating that disembodied octopus arms react to threats in ways a severed human hand never could.

    Detatched octopus arms show awareness, react to danger
    io9.com | 2013 August 28
    The researchers believe this is evidence that the octopuses possess nociceptors, or neurons that specialize in reacting to physical danger. In humans, however, nociceptors are controlled by the spinal cord, and a severed arm wouldn't recoil from pain. Why would they continue to work in an octopus after the arms are no longer attached?
    One possibility is that octopuses don't have minds like ours — their consciousness is more evenly distributed throughout their body...more…


    February 22, 201 5Matt Keeley Video Nation

    Kure Kure Takora (or Gimme Gimme Octopus, as it’s known in English) is a 1970s live-action Japanese kids’ series of something like 260 short films, each about three minutes long, give or take. It’s one of the most surreal things I’ve ever seen on TV. Kids totally get the best media…

    So, the show. It’s… hard to describe. The title character is an octopus who goes around saying “Kure Kure!” at everything (which means “Gimme Gimme!”/”I want it!”), and his best friend/partner in crime (literally…) is a peanut or a Squash (“Chombo”, I think is his name). Both Takora and Chombo are in love with a weird narwhal thing. Law in their weird little sound-stage village is kept (sorta…) by a badger who’s the sherriff – though, strangely for a kids’ show, Takora and Chombo are usually on the wrong side of the law, stealing from guys who look like they might be Sea Cucumbers?

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