Japan’s new suppository bullet-train

1964-2009 shinkasen

Japan’s newest Shinkansen / bullet train has the shape of a suppository and the gay-as-in-fun color scheme of pale green for the upper half and white for the lower half, separated by a “flowery” pink stripe.
Compare the original 1964 O-Series with this new E5 Series Shinkansen.

New shinkansen to travel at record 320 kph
2009feb04 – The Mainichi Daily News
The new shinkansen bullet train that East Japan Railway Co. (JR East) has designed will travel at 320 kilometers per hour (kph) and has a long nose with a colorful body…The new model will have a 15-meter pointed front. The upper part of the body will be green to match the evergreen trees that dot the line, and its white lower body will give an image of white clouds. Flowery pink will be used in the middle.

Besides increased speed, one of the E5 Series 1st-class cars will designated a “Super Green Car”, featuring 18 power-reclining “shell” seats in a 2+1 abreast configuration and special stewardesses as shown below.
3-abreast seating

Other features of the include the following (click to enlarge 640×487 pixels).
super_green bullet train

However, the new E5’s most distinctive feature besides its suppository shape is its “Mickey Mouse Ears” emergency air brakes.
funny train ears
3Yen.com June 2005
Mickey Mouse’s new Bullet Train

To see the transformation from the original 1964 O-Series “Bullet Train” all the way to this new E5 Series, check out these photos from Wikipedia.

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11 thoughts on “Japan’s new suppository bullet-train”

  1. Coligny wrote:
    /Not impressed /French /already have 320kph train /and TGVs don’t look like anal rape training tools

    It pains me to defend the Japanese and their “anal rape training tool” with the fruity paint-job, but if this Japanese Shinkansen could operate under French vibration and noise pollution rules it would be faster than 350kph.

  2. Have you checked with OUR world speed record ?

    574,8 KPH

    That’s 357mph

    in a train

    Not amount of noisy vibration will make this anal probe go that fast.

  3. So? December 2010, Japan will have a new shinkansen that will run just as fast as the TGV trains of France. 320km/h!

  4. JR-maglev_Wikipedia(Wiki)

    Humbertsin wrote:
    jr maglev is at 581km/h

    Yes, you are quite right— “technically” the JR Maglev holds the world’s speed record.
    Checking Wikipedia, the JR Maglev (Japan Railways magnetic levitation train) MLX01-2 claims to be, “technically already commercialized (because it is ‘commissioned’ and manned) set the world’s top speed of 581km/h in December 2003.”

    However, the Japan Railways claiming of the top speed of a “commercialized train” is total natto. The JR Maglev will not carry passengers until 2027!

    Using Japan Railways “logic,” the US could claim the highest manned rail speed of 1,017km/h (631.94 mph) set in 1954, just by declaring they planned to “commercialize” John Stapp’s rocket sled on rails sometime in the future. ha, ha.
    Rocket-sled-1954-Wikipedia (Wiki)

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