Better than high-heel sneakers or cloven hooves, Japanese Jika-tabi

Here’s a pair of of high-heel Jika-tabi jika-tabi japanese kanji that look like cloven hooves thanks to a regular New York street photo of Sarah Jessica Parker running errands.
cloven-hooves of Sarah Jessica Parker

Jika-tabi jika-tabi japanese kanji —often referred to as ‘Ninja Shoes’— the type worn by the ninja of long ago, and are still used today by Japanese workers who need more agility, safety and grip than regular construction boots. Jikatabi navy Japanese prefer Jika-tabi for their split toes and softness of their soles that gives tactile contact with the ground, as well as their gripping ability that allows workman to use their feet more agilely than rigid-soled shoes allow.
For example, Japanese iron workers who traverse steel girders on construction sites like to know what is under their feet, and Japanese craftsmen such as carpenters and gardeners additionally use their feet as if they were an extra pair of hands to hold objects in place.
ninja tabi shoes
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