Japanese govern’t office to have a solar bicycles for official use

In cooperation with Sanyo Electric, a Japanese government office is now planning to have a “solar bicycle parking lot”—that is, a charging spot for the office’s electric bicycles used by employees while performing their official duties.

Sanyo to Test Solar-powered Charging Spot for Electric Bicycles
Feb 12, 2009 — Nikkei Electronics
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd. announced it will set up a “solar bicycle parking lot” at the Tokushima Prefectural Government Office in Japan to test its solar cells and rechargeable batteries targeting March 2009more

solar bike parking lot

Ok, ok, stop laughing about “solar bicycles” or the absurdity of using 1/4 horsepower electric bicycles as official vehicles of the government office. These battery power assisted bicycles are better than taking out an official 3/4 ton truck for a building inspection even though these “eneloop bikes” cost at 136,290 yen, about $1,487 USD.

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