Japan gets to the point–Introduces ‘fashion model robot’ without clothes

Today on the Pinktentacle.com is a Video:HRP-4C fashion model robot.

You can read more explanation about the HRP-4C fembot on the Pinktentacle.
fem bot

Additionally, here are the HRP-4C fembot’s stats via a rough machine translation…
The Humanoid Research Group Intelligent Systems Research Department of Industrial Technology Research Institute announced the amazingly realistically-appearing robot, the HRP-4C. Her height is 158cm (5′ 2″), her weight 43kg (95 lbs.) (including battery), and her joint positioning and dimensions are average for a young Japanese woman to achieve a look that is very close to a human. The HRP-4C is scheduled to appear in one of the fashion shows during the next Tokyo Fashion Week.more...

Walking, talking female robot to hit Japan catwalk AP – Mon Mar 16, –.

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8 thoughts on “Japan gets to the point–Introduces ‘fashion model robot’ without clothes”

  1. Sheeeeeit! No way that robot’s, “joint positioning and dimensions are the average for a young Japanese woman.” Here legs are twice as long as an average young Japanese woman and she doesn’t walk pigeon toed.

  2. fembot too short

    robots.net wrote HRP-C4’s creators decided the best job for a $200,000 female humanoid robot would be – a fashion model….Oddly, the robot model will not be modeling any clothes. After an initial preview, the robot model was already being pressured to lose weight by industry experts who complained her figure was “too ordinary” and that she was too short to be a model…more from robots.net

  3. .
    I suspect that the “adult-interactive” model of the HRP-4C will be the HRP-4U.

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