Ayaka Umeda and the Tokyo’s Pink Protuberance mascot

Tokyo Tower–a nice Japanese copy of the Eiffel Tower that is 9 meters taller–has a fabulous Pink Protuberance Mascot named, “Noppon”.

The Tower gift shops sell Pink penis plushes of “Noppon” as previously covered in the 3Yen report of September 30, 2006.

Now the Tokyo Protuberance mascot, Noppon, has a new girlfriend—Ayaka Umeda of the pop idol group AKB48 (Akihabara48).

AKB48’s Umeda named Tokyo Tower image girl
–Photo of Ayaka Umeda and Tokyo Tower’s mascot via JapanToday–Sunday 05th April
Ayaka Umeda and Tokyo Tower’s mascot NOPPON

Be sure to visit the official English website of TOWER TOWER for more Pink Protuberance information.


Tower Mascots
idleidol.net … in Tokyo Tower there are the Noppon [pink penis] Brothers. Almost all the observation Towers in Japan have their own mascot. If they don’t have an Idle Idol they’ll almost certainly have a kigirumi (fur suit)MORE FUN
Tower Mascots in Japan idleidol.net

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4 thoughts on “Ayaka Umeda and the Tokyo’s Pink Protuberance mascot”

  1. @Den4

    Don’t let his looking fools you, it’s the japanese version of the popular show for kids: Bananas in pjs.

    This must be: B1 though i’m not sure where B2

  2. this? that may? whenever? each time? good reason?
    Do you have sort of email address details or are they on Uranus? I’m unable to find your email address because you did not send me your locational Parsec quadrants for me to find it with the Hubble Telescope.

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