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Will Japan finally make the Segway legal?

gift of a Segway electric scooter

Back in 2005, I reported here about then-president Bush’s illegal gift of a Segway scooter to Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi. Bush and his team of boneheads were unaware that Segways were prohibited from Japanese streets (and sidewalks) by Japanese road laws.
Previously we reported how Toyota invented the Segway seven years too late, Toshiba invented the “Jegway” , and the LittleFeet” was even better.
Well, now Japan Inc. has a had change of heart and the city of Yokohama is petitioning the national government to change the Road Laws to allow the use of Segways in public spaces.


Japan to start embracing the Segway? 2009/April/06 – Segway’s Japanese subsidiary achieved an agreement with the city of Yokohama…will jointly try to convince the Japanese government to allow people to use Segways on designated public roads in the citymore

Before Japan Inc. could come up competing models such as the Toyota “iSwing,” personal transporters like the Segway were only legal as a golf cart for use on private property.


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6 Responses to “Will Japan finally make the Segway legal?”

  1. Zola Marquis Says:

    Hybrid Vehicle To Reduce Traffic Accidents?
    Commuting long distances become a possibility….


  2. Cbass Says:

    it seems that this behemoth is just popular in the US and Japan.

    If you use that device here un Chile…i expect to be “assaulted” by the local criminals right away…

    maybe it could be a good idea using this stuff in the crowded street of Tokyo or another big city where the population of car is superior to the amount of ppl.

  3. richard whipple Says:

    “Bush and his team of boneheads.” Is this another cheap shot at Pres Bush? Do really believe they would know all the road laws of Japan anyway???? Why don’t you just chalk it up to an honest mistake?

    Hey, did you hear about Obama’s gift to the Prime Minister of Britian?????????????? neat!

  4. abba ka daba Says:

    OMG! Has anybody seen the latest on TV this morning?

  5. teat uli crazy Says:

    This is such a great info-resource that you are providing. I love websites that understand the value of providing a resources for free. It’s the old routine of, “what goes around comes around.”

  6. Taro 3Yen Says:

    While it’s still not legal for use on Japanese streets or footpaths, here’s a photo of the “traditional” use of a Segway by a kimono-clad, Kyoto lady.
    japanese kimono lady on segway

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