Stereo speakers double as OLED lighting

Here’s an interesting combination of highly energy-efficient OLED lighting and stereo speakers by Kenwood.
By creating stereo speakers that can also offer 80% energy savings using OLED lighting, Kenwood may have a mega-hit product. Oddly, it is nearly impossible to purchase energy-efficient LED lighting for the home in Japan and Kenwood may have found itself a new niche in the market.* – April 27, 2009…Kenwood unveils organic light emitting diode (OLED) lights, which also enables stereo sound…. Kenwood and Japan's Yamagata University professor Junji Kido developed the ultra-thin lighting equipment.

2 oled light and speaker combination

*Note: In recent years, Kenwood has fallen on hard times like other high-end stereo equipment manufacturers—The premium stereo market is a faction of its former self since the sound quality of inexpensive stereo equipment is more than sufficient to handle MP3 playback, and personal stereos such as iPods have taken over the public’s attention.

A totally different use that Kenwood also plans for the OLED light/speaker is as an energy-saving Fire Exit Sign that also works as a loudspeaker for emergency announcements.
OLED light/speaker is as a energy-saving Fire Exit Sign
Shown above with his energy-saving Fire Exit Sign/loudspeaker,
the joint-venture inventor of the OLED light/speaker, Junji Kido, says that compared with, “a fluorescent lamp… the luminous efficiency of [the OLED] light-nearly 100%-is incomparably higher than that of a regular light bulb or fluorescent lamp-10-20%.” more

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5 thoughts on “Stereo speakers double as OLED lighting”

  1. It not as “odd” as you might think that Japanese lighting stores and home centers refuse to sell energy-efficient LED lighting for the home here.
    ALL Japanese light their rooms with florescent rings in the middle of the ceiling and therefore they have much less interest in floor and table lamps (that take up space). Any additional energy savings using the still very expensive LED home lighting does not interest the Japanese as much as compared to the Americans who have so many incandescent bulbs that need to replaced with more efficient light sources.

  2. Hey, those OLED-lights/stereo speakers could be used in a trippy feedback loop with the music playing though the speakers—a groovy lightshow!

  3. Interesting and useful info – thanks for informing every-one. MMatt

  4. Even though they didn’t give my credit for my original photo, the folks at thought up a novel use for these OLED light/speakers.

    …..We wonder what kind of applications can be applied with this pair of OLED speakers – perhaps a karaoke solution where you can read the lyrics from the speakers themselves?

    via — April 27, 2009.

    oled light speaker combination
    (I slaved over this photo for more than hour, meh.)

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