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Today is a national holiday, Boys’ Day, or to be politically correct it is “Children’s Day” Kodomo no hi (kodomo-no-hi kids day). Carp-shaped Koinobori flags are raised on poles for the boys of the family. Everybody knows that the actual name holiday is Boys’ Day –Tango no Sekku but it was renamed in 1948 to Children’s Day.

Actually, it was hard for me for me to take any good photos of carp/Koinobori flags in my upscale Tokyo neighborhood, Denenchofu, where the average age of the residents is well over 55 years old….there just aren’t any boys or children here to raise up the carp streamers for their inspiration.

Besides the carp-shaped koinobori flags, wealthier families put up displays in their house of traditional Japanese military helmets/kabuto and Gogatsu Ningyo/ samurai armor to inspire the boys such as these fine examples of samurai armor displays below.
Modern KFC armor ………….. Traditional Gogatsu Ningyo
col-sanders-boys-day. armour-japan
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Rather than traditional regalia, what I really like are these crypo-biology looking “carp” banners of recently-discovered, ultra-deep sea fish of Japan. See the original Japanese website in machine translation.

And, finally there just the farking bizzaro…A lady diver flogging her moray eel to line up underwater with Boys’ Day carp streamers at Tokyo’s SunShine International Aquarium.

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  1. Ok here’s some background Taro….

    Japan’s record low child population
    Straits Times
    The number of children aged under 15 in Japan hit a record low of 17.14 million as of April 1, the government said on Monday, the latest sign of the nation’s rapid shift to an increasingly elderly society…..children’s share of the nation’s entire population stood at 13.4 per cent, compared with 22.5 per cent for a population of people aged over 65…more…

  2. Here’s the rest-of-the-story The Cardboard Colonel …

    The Colonel dons a samurai look (IHT/Asahi: May 5, 2009)
    To mark Children's Day today, a Colonel Sanders statue is decked out in full samurai regalia at a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet in the city's Izumi-Chuo district.
    The outlet decided to dress up the statue of the fast food chain founder in honor of Date Masamune (1567-1636), the founder of Sendai and one of a long line of Tohoku daimyo.
    The costume is made from cardboard boxes, while the military helmet was crafted by the store manager with Styrofoam cartons.

    Modern KFC armor

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