Cross-dressed alien god entertained by ‘maid cafe’ waitresses in Osaka

copyrighted Billiken doll shrine Osaka has a full-blown shrine built for its copyrighted, alien Billiken© god, who this week has taken up cross-dressing to be entertained by ‘maids’.
Who said religion is boring?

'Maid cafe' waitresses entertain visitors to Osaka tower
OSAKA, May 10, 2009 AP – (Kyodo)–Six waitresses clad in miniskirts and aprons entertained people at a one-day “maid cafe” coffee shop in Osaka's signature Tsutenkaku Tower on Sunday….A statue of the U.S.-created charm doll Billiken, which is displayed in the tower as a symbolic mascot for luck in the district, also donned “maid” gear all daymore

osaka maids

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8 thoughts on “Cross-dressed alien god entertained by ‘maid cafe’ waitresses in Osaka”

  1. How do you find one of them cafes where the woman sever you stuff dressed in cosplay like stuff?

  2. Ask one of these helpful guys.

    Nigerians: They'll ruin your life

    Better yet, ask one of these girlies who are out to help you on the streets of Akihabara every weekend.

    Akihabara touts
    Maid cafe tout

  3. Here’s an alternative creation story of Billiken….

    the name “Billiken” seems to have been borrowed straight from the poem Mr. Moon: A Song of the Little People, published in 1896…{from}… a roll call of fairy figures who are calling at the moon to come to Earth and play.
    —via Atlas Obscura:
    The Billiken is Much More Than the Strangest College Mascot

    Billiken figures from 1909. (Photo: Joe Mabel/CC BY-SA 3.0)

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