A ‘Husband Hunting’ What?

hubby-bra-standingDayLife, May 13, 2009—Triumph International Japan campaign girl Hiromi Nishiuchi Nishuchi, displays the “Konkatsu Bra” or “Husband hunting Bra” … to encourage women to hunt husband (sic) and buck the trend of women marriage late (sic) and staying single in Japanmore...

The “Husband hunting Bra” shown above has a bomb-like “marriage countdown” timer. A woman wearing the bra needs to insert an engagement ring into between the bra cups to stop the timer (presumably before the expiration date of the woman). All is saved if the timer is stopped in time, and the bra plays the wedding march.

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8 thoughts on “A ‘Husband Hunting’ What?”

  1. raver wrote:
    the pretty model is the photo is Hiromi Nishuchi

     Thanks for the heads-up on the unJapanese spelling of her name (Hiromi Nishiuchi Nishuchi). The DayLife article that I referenced for my post was full of typos. The source, Getty Images, posts their photographers’ comments unedited and the Japanese photographers’ engRish is, well, engRish.

  2. Additional information…

    2009 May 13 — watch.impress.co.jp
     In addition, it has a ball-point pen and a hanko name seal on the side of the brassiere to fill out the marriage registration forms anytime….
    ….for the cooking the brassiere comes with an apron with two removable heart-shaped potholders.

    marriage hunter bra
    hubby bra

  3. Hey, this is good stuff. I’m so glad you posted it. I like reading blogs like this. Sandie

  4. I’d marry that model girl right away…she’s hawt…

    oh…i expect her to be wrapped under my xmas tree this coming december, without the damn bra preferably.

  5. People need to remember things like this about more proactive approaches to marriage and finding mates, or the institution itself will disappear.

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