Elephant Safety in Japan’s convenience stores

poster for japan safety-station
The Elephant Kid aka “ESUZOU-kun” is supposed be posted on the front window of most convenience store”SAFETY STATION” signs.

Open 24/7, convenience stores are wrangling with Japanese government officials to curb their late night operations to help combat global warming. However, the Japan Franchise Association is countering with this Elephant campaign saying that….”Convenience stores that stay open 24 hours serve an essential role as a refuge for potential crime victims or simply for people in need of help. Convenience stores provide a refuge for lost children or women seeking to escape stalkers…” –japantimes .co.jp
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6 thoughts on “Elephant Safety in Japan’s convenience stores”

  1. Sometimes elephants can’t seem to have any luck.
     photo eba2d443.jpg
    Sad elephant mascot for Zojirishi Corp. or an Japanese drug company.

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