How do you like these melons?

Reportage of Japanese is “famous” for topics of grave international concern such as SQUARE WATERMELONS. Previously the 3Yen has covered such earth-shattering Japanese melon news as 2 melons 2 much fuku-chan melonsand Godzilla Egg melons.
In continuation of this melon theme, you should not be surprised that the Japanese news today was promoting these bombastic boobs shown below. Japanese melons

Also read the 3Yen’s melon report of Sept. 2005: Isn’t this the perfect Tokyo hospital gift? )

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I'm a pale, alien, quadruped who has worked for 25+ years at "Maybe-the-Largest Inc." in Tokyo.

6 thoughts on “How do you like these melons?”

  1. Oh! you’re back dear mr. Taro! Were your hospital vacations ok? all good? did they cut one of your legs just by accident?

    btw, I like melons very juicy…. like the ones on the small pic ;D

  2. I’m “back” online, but I still am incarcerated in Club Dead(tm) for yet another week, meh.

    Last Friday, I found a way to hack into the hospital’s heart and vital signs monitoring system which runs on plain old ethernet.

  3. Galaxxxy via wacky Bing Translate…
    Found a juicy watermelon!
    … And thinking big, and one piece of watermelon motif was!
    10 g watermelon smashing impact & CUTE…
    Along with this poncho you could wear a miniskirt or short‑shorts, so please do. (>^_^)>
    9,500 yen ($93 USD)

    Galaxxxy via Bing Translate…

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