3 thoughts on “Very little socially-redeeming value”

  1. I would show this in my anually animated-thon convention at my university…it’s really bizarre…what is it? an Ad? An ad spoof? i’m really curious.


  2. Cbass wrote:
    >…it’s really bizarre…what is it? an Ad? An ad spoof?
    >i’m really curious.

    It’s what they call here a “spec ad” –an advertisement created for DENTSU Inc. (90% market share of TV ad creations in Japan) without payment in the hope that they will get hired as subcontractor. The spec ad is seldom broadcast on air, but ideas from it with incorporated the real commercial. In Japan, the spec ads tend to be wild just so they can get noticed (and getting a major break to work in the advertising business in Japan is very, VERY easy for a young kid fresh out of school since anybody can submit a spec ad as freelancer).

    The problem is that for every 100 spec ads made in Japan only one ad ends up being broadcast in a lame, watered-down version. The 99 other spec ads are rejected and never paid for, arrrg. I have worked for weeks on many spec ads without ever getting any pay as subcontractor of the subcontractor. ARRRG. (To me it is like being an actor working on a film for several weeks, without pay, and then never seeing results of the rough-cut or the film being released.)

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