Please PISTON outside

Unlike the past 13 months, I do not have to put a puerile twist in this month’s Tokyo Train Manner[s] poster campaign warning everyone not to “PISTON*” in the station.
tokyo train manners June 2009

Double penetration sex, with one man poking the girl in her vagina and the other in the ass. They alternate thrusts to create a piston action, much like that of an engine. Via

June’s poster above is one of the monthly series for the Tokyo Metro subways aimed at cajoling the so-called ‘rude’ Japanese public to have better train manners. In previous months, posters reminded riders to:
Don’t read newspapers
‘Please refrain from snotty…’
The official start of the Japanese Vomiting Season
No romance on the train, please
Train posters–sometimes I can’t explain ‘em.
And many, many, more….

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