Japan’s Spider-Man prefers pink arm warmers and a woman’s swimsuit

The 3Yen’s cracked reporter, Rob Pongi, spotted on the morning TV news this fun story about a Japanese burglar caught wearing women’s swimsuit and fishnet stockings…and his spiderman costume found in getaway car.Spider-Man thief costumes

Thieving Spider-Man with woman’s swimsuit, pink arm warmers caught in own web
Mainichi News – June 18, 2009 – IIZUKA, Fukuoka –
A man was arrested on suspicion of attempted robbery here Wednesday after a resident returned home to find someone dressed as Spider-Man emerging from his house…police officers found 27-year-old Tetsuya Fujisawa …changing out of a woman’s swimsuit and a set of pink arm warmers. A black and white Spider-Man costume was found in the vehiclemore pink arm warmers ladies swimsuit

Be sure to watch the TV news video in Japanese but with plenty of close-ups of the strange burglar costumes.

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6 thoughts on “Japan’s Spider-Man prefers pink arm warmers and a woman’s swimsuit”

  1. That burglar dressed as Spider-Man might have gotten away with it if he hadn’t stopped to change into pink arm warmers and a lady’s swimsuit.

  2. Now that is something I never knew, ha, ha. Taro-sensei, please keep posting dreck like this really add to our understanding.


    More and more Japanese moms agree: boys should wear girls’ swimsuits
    rocketnews24.com 2013/07/30
    According to an interview with Excite News Japan, school staff are growing increasingly worried with parents’ request to put their sons in one-piece swimsuits.
    We don’t mean something cool like wetsuits either. These moms insist that to the best way to combat the indecent exposure of a topless boy is to put him in a girl’s swimsuit.

  4. Japan’s costumed criminal captured again
    Police were informed about a man in ‘a black tank top, fishnet stockings and high heels’ behaving suspiciously
    Tokyo Reporter | July 15, 2016
    FUKUOKA (TR) –
    Did the summer heat necessitate a wardrobe change?
    Following a series of incidents in Dazaifu City involving a man in a superhero costume, Fukuoka Prefectural Police believe they have found their man– this time, attired as a Playboy Bunny..
    At approximately 12:30 p.m. on July 1, a resident tipped off police about what appeared to be “a man in a bunny girl suit — a black tank top, fishnet stockings and high heels” checking the mail slot of a vacant home.
    In 2009, the same suspect was apprehended in Iizuka City, located in the same prefecture, in a similar case in which he wore a suit for the lead character in the film “Spider-Man 3”
    Since this spring, police in Dazaifu have received a number of complaints about a person in a very similar “Spider-Man” costume behaving suspiciously.

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