Getting cleaned the Japanese way

A while back on the 3Yen I cover the Japanese fetish with ear picking with Samurai swords and black Q-Tips. Well now the Japanese have taken ear cleaning to a whole different level with their so-called “one shot cleaning” businesses.

Saitama scours ear-cleaning salons peddling adult services
Saitama scours ear-cleaning salons peddling adult services | The Tokyo Reporter – June 12, 2009… police busted two such operations in Saitama City on June 10 and arrested three managers for providing adult services delivered similar to that found in a massage parlor. It is believed that these arrests are the first in what will be a larger nationwide crackdown ...more...

Remember, in Japan, cleaning your man’s ears is a time-honored tradition, a romantic act signifying intimacy.

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4 thoughts on “Getting cleaned the Japanese way”

  1. I still amazed how japaneses can make a business from simple and daily activity just by hiring a couple of hotties picking up your dirty ears…

    As for me,I couldn’t ask for this service, it’d be embarrassing you know, like my ears, my dirt, my business, i take care of it personally.

  2. The‘s take on ear cleaning…

    Happy ending parlor gets bad ending

    June 24, 2009 —
    Ear hygiene is serious business in Japan. From cute designer cleaning tools to high-tech endoscopic pickers, an entire industry has sprung up around sterilizing the ear canal. …
    … businesses have also sought to cater to customers whose ear-sanitation needs are rooted more in social contact than pure hygiene, with ear-cleaning salons and parlors offering customers the chance to lay their head on a pretty yukata-wearing lady’s lap while she pick their ears and makes light conversation….more...

    More on endoscopic ear cleaning via’s report on the Coden Earscope…
    coden earscope endoscope

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