Calpis vs. Calpico

K-chan, one of my favorite 3Yen readers just remarked to me on Twitter:

“Bought what looked like Calpiss at the market today. But it was labeled Calpico. What’s up? ‘Calpiss’ not good enough for the USA?”

The Great Cow Piss Conundrum…
The popular Japanese drink Calpiss–a milky vanilla-flavored yogurt soft drink–had to be rebranded with the “Calpico” trademark in Latin America and Asian. Doesn’t Calpico sound better than Cow Piss? Even Domo-kun thinks so.
domokun drinks calpico not calpis

original calpis vs kitty calpito
Certainly, Kitty Calpico looks better than the original Darkie Calpris (as explained in Wikipedia).

Also in the same theme of unfortunately-named Japanese drinks, be sure to check out my previous 3Yen report: Suck down a cool can of “Mucos”?

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